Australian Fires: How You Can Help.

• The fires have raged for months, and will continue for at least another month.


• Australia has always had problems with brush fires, but record temperatures and record drought have exacerbated the issue to unprecedented levels.


• The fires have ravaged the wildlife population of the continent, killing nearly half a billion animals, many species of which are endemic to Australia. This number was increased to 1 billion animals killed or adversely effected.


• 26 people have died so far, while tens of thousands have been displaced.


• Some fires have been so large they have created their own lightning.


• In December Australia recorded its hottest day on record.


• Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s handling of the crisis has been an unmitigated disaster. He has attempted to minimize any connection between climate change and the fires, and has been heckled by is own fire fighters.


• More than 12 million acres have burned so far.


• Because of the fires, Australia will double their CO2 output for the year.


• Earlier this month 4000 evacuees were trapped on a beach near Mallacoota, requiring the largest maritime rescue since World War II.


© Allison Marion


Photo by Allison Marion


What can you do to help? Call your representatives and demand action on the climate crisis!


Donate to these organizations:

Wildlife, Pets and Livestock Impact

Australia Zoo & Steve Irwin Wildlife Warriors

Victoria Zoos – Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund

RSPCA – Pets, Livestock, Wildlife

World Wildlife Fund

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Wires Wildlife Rescue

Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Humane Society International


Fire Fighters

New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Country Fire Authority

Country Fire Service of South Australia

Rural Fire Brigade Association Queensland

Tasmania Fire Service

Western Australia Fire Service


Social and Human Impact

First Nations Communities Fire Relief

Australian Red Cross

Salvation Army

Community Enterprise Foundation Disaster Appeal

Victorian Food Bank

St Vincent de Paul Society Bushfire Appeal


Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund


Auctions and Art

No Sign of Rain Print Fundraiser

Make It Rain Celebrity Auction and Fundraiser



Run online search through Ecosia who will plant trees in needs areas.

Contact US politicians about the climate emergency here.