May 02
Chatting Green with Nancy Duker of Bending Oak Permaculture Farm

As described by Bending Oak Permaculture Farm, “…permaculture mimics the relationships and patterns observed in nature to organize people, their buildings, food, water needs, daily routines and habits resulting in a design that yields an abundance of food, fiber, energy, building materials and all necessary provisions that a person would need to not only survive […]

Jun 30
Supreme Court Makes Another Political Decision to Side with Polluters

Today, June 30, The Supreme Court, voting 6 to 3 along ideological lines, curbed the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to broadly regulate carbon emissions from power plants. Today’s decision on West Virginia v. EPA limits the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. The Supreme Court sided with […]

May 10
Ohio Reps Brent and Weinstein Discuss HB429 The Energy Jobs And Justice Act

In this video, Ohio State Representatives Juanita Brent and Casey Weinstein testify before the Ohio House Public Utilities Committee on the Energy Jobs And Justice Act (HB429). Learn more at

May 06
Chatting Green with Madeline Fleisher of The Climate Smart Handbook

Madeline Fleisher, Founder of the Climate Smart Handbook, joins us for this installment of Chatting Green. Madeline is an environmental attorney who spent time with the U.S. Department of Justice, the Environmental Law & Policy Center, and now works on environmental and sustainability issues in the manufacturing sector. Her latest project, The Climate Smart Handbook, is […]

Mar 11
Chatting Green with Michael Benson of Command Consulting on Municipal Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle markets are seeing massive growth, and municipalities are beginning to see the benefits in the form of huge money savings. In this installment of Chatting Green, former fire chief and the Co-Owner of  Command Consulting of Wadsworth, OH, Michael Benson, discusses the trends in electric vehicles, and explains why municipalities are lining up […]

Feb 16
Chatting Green with Diane Bickett & Greg Rotuno of ECO SPEAKS CLE Podcast

In this edition of Chatting Green, we talk with Diane Bickett & Greg Rotuno of the ECO SPEAKS CLE Podcast, where they offer a multi-generational perspective on the thriving environmental community of Northeast Ohio. They speak with environmental leaders, tell inspiring stories, offer tips, and more. You can hear all episodes of their podcast here, […]