Who We Are

The Go Green Go mission is to turn environmental awareness into environmental action by getting concerned individuals connected with grassroots environmental groups in their area of Ohio through the use of our comprehensive directory.

As a passionate environmental advocate in Ohio who, over the last several years, has become more active and vocal, I’ve often found it difficult to find local grassroots environmental organizations that I could get involved with or help. The more people I talked to, I found that they often are aware of the climate crisis or other environmental issues but are rarely inspired to act. Sometimes it’s out of apathy, but usually it’s just not knowing where to look.

The more I searched for these groups, I found that the organizations themselves, unless they are large and well-funded, find it challenging to market themselves effectively and in turn, grow their membership and volunteer base. Thus, they are hard to find!

Seeing a need, and being an experienced graphic designer and website designer, I started Go Green Go to make a positive impact with the climate crisis and other environmental issues.

The goal of GoGreenGo.org  is to “Turn Awareness Into Action” by getting concerned individuals in contact with grassroots environmental groups in their area of Ohio that share their interests. On our website, we have begun to create a comprehensive online directory of Ohio grassroots environmental organizations that is searchable by county, category and keyword. Interested in watershed or wetlands in Summit County, for instance? Just search our listing!

I’ve spent countless hours building this website and populating it with well over 200 organizations so far. Each visually pleasing listing contains a description, categories, contact information, donation links, and social media links for that organization. Often times, our listings are more complete than the group’s own website.

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Go Green Go will not only benefit citizens by giving them a comprehensive resource, it will benefit the organizations by increasing their online presence while helping them grow their membership and volunteer base.

Building, promoting and maintaining a project like this takes a lot of time, money and effort.

This entire project is born out of grave concern for the future of our planet and its inhabitants. Our organization believes that real solutions to address the climate crisis and other environmental issues will come from active and motivated individuals getting involved with like-minded grassroots organizations. My board and I hope this website helps make it easier for folks like you to stand up and get going!

We would be grateful for your support! Thank you!

Eric Hancsak
Founder & President

Go Green Go is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in the United States.

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