Latest Plog Yields Over 200 Pounds of Litter

Go Green Go was pleased to organize another plog in Hudson, Ohio. This marks our fourth year creating these events with many generous co-sponsors and supporters.

This event, called “Plog-tober In Hudson”, drew 30 participants who volunteered a total of 64 man-hours to collect approximately 220 pounds of litter, from various areas around downtown Hudson, Ohio and its schools.

Approximately, 80% of what we collected was plastic in the form of water bottles, wrappers, bags, cups, lids, straws, and shards. Parking lots and along roadsides were the usual trouble spots. We noticed a significant rise in the amount of weed trimmer spooling and plastic landscaping netting.

This event was made possible by a generous grant from the Hudson Garden Club, and from support in the form of giveaways from Open Door Coffee, The Learned Owl book shop, Feather + Elm home decor, and About350 Creative.

Our event co-sponsors were Vertical Runner running store, who acted as our home base, and provided a giveaway, and On running, whose continued work on sustainability is impressive and inspiring. They were on-hand with giveaways and many shoes for our ploggers to try on and demo. 

Several volunteers from Hudson High School’s Environmental Awareness Club were also in attendance to assist the event.

A sincere thank you to all our supporters, sponsors and volunteers. This truly could not be done without your work and ongoing support and input. Because of that support, Go Green Go hit a milestone at this event. By collecting 220 pounds of litter, we officially crossed the 1000 pound mark for litter removed! We are now at just over 1200 pounds since we started our plogs in 2019.

1200 pounds of litter removed since 2019