What We Do

The District is a subdivision of the state of Ohio, and is assisted by the Butler County Commissioners, the Ohio Soil & Water Conservation Commission, and the Ohio Department of Agriculture through the Division of Soil and Water  Conservation.  Technical assistance for conservation practices is provided without charge by the Butler SWCD through the United States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) personnel.  The objectives of the Butler SWCD include:

  • Reduce soil erosion loss on both urban and agricultural lands.

  • Improve water quality by serving as a resource base for water quality data and educating the public concerning storm water management and erosion control.

  • To increase both the rural and urban communities' awareness of the value, need, and ways of conserving our natural resources.

  • Promote woodland and wildlife management by local landowners.

  • Conduct a strong informational and educational program in the schools and with the general public.

  • Provide adequate funding, personnel and equipment to meet the future needs of district operations.

Our Mission
To promote the conservation, restoration, and responsible use of our natural resources through technical assistance and education.

Our Vision
To be recognized as a non-partisan leader in the conservation and management of our soil, water and other natural resources through effective and efficient programs and services.


1802 Princeton Road, Suite 300, Hamilton, OH 45011