What We Do

Save the People and Save the Planet. Environmentalist, Wildlife Organization, & Earth Conservation in America!!

We are a multi-racial national environ- mental charitable organization. We are actively involved with wildlife protection, animal rights and nature conservation. Reaching out to communities through books, radio, internet and television, we spread the word about preserving the Earth. If we do not balance Mother Earth we will fall. We must work together for mankind to prevail. If we do not work as one, we will die as one. We educate on information that is not traditionally told. We have the answer for every question, solution for every problem or we know where it is.

We want people Worldwide to be Earthwise. Our environmental Earth "Orthodox, Ecological" ministry founded in Ohio, has been a viable charity since 1992. We sponsor community, educational, ecological programs and events. Earth Temple is expanding to include Washington, D.C., Miami Florida, Atlanta, New York and Chicago. Our goal is to offer worldwide environmental programming to places like Asia, Africa, Central and South America working with under developed countries to save the Earth.


1695 Franklin Avenue, Columbus, OH 43205

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