What We Do

EarthShare’s Evolution: Who We Are, Where We Are Going Throughout its 30 year history, EarthShare has successfully supported the critical work of America’s most respected environmental and conservation organizations through workplace giving, while enabling millions of people to discover and understand their role in caring for our air, land, water, wildlife, and health. Since its founding the EarthShare network has collectively raised more than $300 million for programs that care for people and planet. Despite our progress, we are now facing a truly turbulent time for the environment. Threats and challenges to environmental health – and therefore our own health and future – have never been more evident. The need for collaboration to address these threats has never been more urgent. This is why EarthShare is striving to engage even more people and


Our Purpose: To ensure a thriving future for all inhabitants of our beautiful planet.


Our Vision: An inclusive and engaged Network of purpose driven individuals and organizations working together to ensure a healthy and sustainable environment.


Our Mission: To accelerate the pace of positive environmental change by unleashing the collaborative power of motivated businesses and passionate people in support of our vital Network of member organizations.


4400 N. High St., Ste. 415, Columbus, OH 43214