What We Do

The HEADWATERS CHAPTER was formed in 2008. We are dedicated to putting conservation on the ground and making the earth a healthy place to live.

Take a hike on our symbolic nature trail of conservation. You will come across trees with branches of conservation organizations, you will walk on soil of different compositions, and you will see plants of different complexity and beauty and notice soil being eroded, polluted ponds and the poisoning of our earth. During your hike you will come across educational and physical tools to repair the trail and make it a nature trail of tranquility and purity of our earth. Come join us on our hike.

We have had a permit seminar, an educational booth promoting alternative energy, and worked with the youth on pollution and erosion using an enviroscape model. Your input is welcomed and will be appreciated. Please consider being a member and contributing your talents and concerns to our team.


Akron, OH