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Pollinator wildlife species such as bees and butterflies are in trouble.  Pollinators have been suffering from population decline primarily due to loss of habitat which provides pollen, nectar, and host plants which are vital to the survival of most pollinators.  Over that past ten years, there have been several species of pollinators that have vanished from Ohio.  More recently, monarch butterfly populations have plummeted to alarmingly low levels.  Poor honeybee health is a critical issue also linked to the decline of pollinator habitat.


These pollinators are responsible for helping produce about one third of the world-wide food supply for people by simply moving pollen from plant to plant resulting in pollination, which produces apples, almonds, and many other fruits and vegetables.


Here in Ohio, the Ohio Pollinator Habitat Initiative was started to inform citizens, landowners, farmers, and government agencies of the importance of pollinators and the habitat they need to survive.  Members of the initiative are the core professionals that provide education, outreach, and technical assistance to all that have an interest in pollinators and protecting our food supply.


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