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The story of our Greater Cincinnati hillsides begins with a beautiful pattern of rivers and greenery formed thousands of years ago by three different glaciers. These hillsides and river systems give the region its unique visual personality and contribute greatly to our quality of life.


Beautiful and fragile, the Greater Cincinnati area is prone to costly landslides. Concern over this problem is increasing as the scarcity of land gives rise to pressures to build. The landslide-prone nature of our hillsides is not the only concern. The forested hillsides form ribbons of green open space, and are a valuable element of environmental quality, providing wildlife habitat and migration corridors.


The hillsides form an integral part of the natural fabric of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. First-time visitors are often struck by the dramatic relief in topography, and the stunning overlooks of picture postcard proportions.


The Hillside Trust’s mission is accomplished through research and education, land conservation, and advocacy of responsible land use serving: Cincinnati and Hamilton County, along with the surrounding counties of Clermont, Campbell, Kenton, and Boone.


710 Tusculum Avenue, Alms Park, Cincinnati, OH 45226-1770

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