What We Do

Since 1994, Three Valley Conservation Trust has been recognized by farmers, landowners, developers, and public officials in southwest Ohio as an important resource for land protection, conservation planning, and environmentally-responsible development.


Our vision is for southwest Ohio to be recognized for its permanently protected and conserved open space in woodlands, watersheds and family farms.


Our mission is to conserve natural habitats, waterways and agricultural lands in Southwestern Ohio, for the benefit of present and future generations, through partnerships with people and communities.


We actively work to preserve streams and land through permanent conservation and protection agreements (known as conservation easements) and stewardship of these properties. As a land trust, we help landowners retain control of their family lands while preserving agriculture and rural heritage, the environment and the economy of our area.


We protect and monitor 168 properties (as of July, 2015) covering more than 20,000 acres under permanent conservation and agricultural easement agreements.


5995 Fairfield Rd Oxford OH 45056