Category: Chatting Green

May 02
Chatting Green with Nancy Duker of Bending Oak Permaculture Farm

Farm Director of Bending Oak Permaculture Farm, Nancy Duker spent some time Chatting Green with us about the Farm, and why permaculture is an essential ingredient in climate solutions.

May 06
Chatting Green with Madeline Fleisher of The Climate Smart Handbook

Madeline Fleisher, Founder of the Climate Smart Handbook, joins us for this installment of Chatting Green. Madeline is an environmental attorney who spent time with the U.S. Department of Justice, the Environmental Law & Policy Center.

Mar 11
Chatting Green with Michael Benson of Command Consulting on Municipal Electric Vehicles

In this installment of Chatting Green, former fire chief and the Co-Owner of Command Consulting of Wadsworth, OH, Michael Benson, discusses the trends in electric vehicles.

Feb 16
Chatting Green with Diane Bickett & Greg Rotuno of ECO SPEAKS CLE Podcast

In this edition of Chatting Green, we talk with Diane Bickett & Greg Rotuno of the ECO SPEAKS CLE Podcast, where they offer a multi-generational perspective on the thriving environmental community of Northeast Ohio.

Jul 19
Chatting Green with Dr. Joseph Campbell of Environmental Professionals Network

Chatting Green is back with Dr. Joseph Campbell. Dr. Campbell is a Lecturer in The Ohio State University’s School of Environment and Natural Resources and Director of the Environmental Professionals Network. He’s lead research teams around the world for the US Department of Agriculture and EPA, and is working to build the Environmental Professionals Network into […]

Apr 21
Chatting Green with Original Earth Day Organizer Denis Hayes

We are thrilled and honored to have Denis Hayes join us for this Earth Day edition of Chatting Green. Denis has dedicated his life to environmental causes for over 50 years. He was the original national coordinator of the first Earth Day in 1970, and is responsible for growing it into a globally recognized holiday. Since that […]

Apr 05
Chatting Green with Jaimie Johnson of Ohio Watershed Solutions

Jaimie Johnson changed careers to go back to school to become an aquatic biologist. She has since founded Ohio Watershed Solutions with the goal of creating natural, green infrastructure for  healthier watersheds. This week she joins us for Chatting Green to tell us about her projects and how they make a positive impact on water quality and bio diversity. … Your company, […]

Mar 18
Chatting Green with Tristan Rader, City Council Member of Lakewood, Ohio

This week our Chatting Green Q&A series continues with Tristan Rader, City Council Member for the City of Lakewood, Ohio. Tristan has been an integral part of Lakewood, Ohio’s ambitious plan to adopt 100% clean energy city-wide by 2035. … How is the City of Lakewood progressing with its 100% renewable energy goals? In 2019 we passed a […]

Feb 26
Chatting Green with Kurt Ruehr of Leadership Portage County

In this installment of Chatting Green, we are pleased to talk with Kurt Ruehr, Executive Director of Leadership Portage County. Preserving park lands in Portage County has played an important personal and professional roll for Kurt for more than 20 years. … You have worked extensively with preserving park land in Portage County. Tell us […]

Feb 18
Chatting Green with Ohio State House Representative Casey Weinstein

This week we chat with Ohio House District 37 Representative, Casey Weinstein about his work on the Energy & Natural Resources Committee, and his thoughts on Ohio’s environmental future. … As the representative for District 37 in the Ohio House of Representatives, you were recently appointed to the Energy & Natural Resources committee. Tell us a […]