What We Do

Green Columbus is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable living and environmental community building in Central Ohio.



Providing Forums
Green Columbus grew from of the success of Columbus Green Drinks and Earth Day 2007: A Year in a Day, the first city-wide Earth Day celebration in over a decade. Green Columbus organizes Green Drinks and Earth Day and is always exploring new ways of encouraging community action.


Raising Awareness
We believe the first step in solving a problem is learning about it. Green Columbus helps advocates and everyday residents communicate information about threats facing our natural resources and share practical, hands-on strategies that can empower Central Ohio residents. Together we can tackle local, national, and global environmental challenges!


Encouraging Action
It’s not enough for us to get together and learn about environmental problems and solutions—we must also take action! Green Columbus aspires to be a “do tank” (as opposed to a think tank), running programs—such as tree plantings and community outreach events—that have a positive impact on our environment.


605 North High Street, #229, Columbus, OH, USA