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The Guardians of the Grand Lake St. Marys works to force all responsible parties to clean-up the Grand Lake St. Marys and keep it pollution free.

The Guardians formed to fight for the clean-up of the Grand Lake St. Marys and to debunk misleading information about the water quality of the lake. Gov. Kasich and his administration has failed miserably and continues to spend millions of dollars of Ohio's taxpayers hard earned dollars on worthless strategies to address Ohio's most polluted lake. Gov. Kasich has failed on his promise to clean up this historical lake by ignoring the source of the pollution. The Guardians will continue fighting for the lake with the truth about its degradation and offer strategies for cleaning up the lake with little of taxpayers money.

Guardians of the Grand Lake St. Marys is working to stop the pollution of Ohio's most distressed watershed and hold the State of Ohio responsible for their mismanagement of protecting the watershed from pollution, creating the most polluted lake in Ohio and allowing the polluters to continue polluting without legal or financial penalties.


247 E. Sycamore St., Columbus, OH 43206

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