What We Do

The Ohio Wetlands Association is a state-wide, all volunteer, 501(C)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and protecting wetlands throughout Ohio. Most of Ohio’s wetlands have been lost by conversion to drained farmland, urban spaces, and development around lakes and waterways. More than 90% of Ohio’s wetlands are gone, far exceeding the 50% loss nationally. Many remaining wetlands have been degraded. Wetlands continue to be developed and impacted needlessly. OWA would like to see wetlands restored and protected. The Clean Water Act provides tools to limit wetland impacts but pressure remains. Ohio’s wetlands need a voice and a champion. OWA strives to fill that role.


MISSION: Ohio Wetlands Association is dedicated to the protection, restoration and enjoyment of Ohio’s wetlands and associated ecosystems through science‐based programs, education and advocacy.

VISION: OWA envisions the state of Ohio where wetlands are healthy, plentiful, and support ecological and societal needs and where citizens care for, appreciate, and interact with these natural treasures.


Mark Dilley, President


P.O. Box 360852, Columbus, Ohio 43236

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