What We Do

Share the River promotes the economic, recreational and social vibrancy of Cleveland's waterfront. We create and post original content via our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and website to 1) brand Cleveland as a waterfront city and 2) remind people how a cleaner, more vibrant river is an economic driver for Northeast Ohio. We also repost third-party content we feel provides a context for the various issues and best practices that improve the quality of regional and national natural resources which in turn, improve the quality of life for ALL of us!

We also collaborate with cross-sector stakeholders to drive social activity to Cleveland’s Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie shoreline. Cleveland is a waterfront city and we're sharing all of the things that make for a vibrant and engaging space for residents and visitors. We're also a member of the Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force, a group of maritime and waterfront stakeholders dedicated to ensuring safe and shared use of the Cuyahoga River. From heavy industry and maritime shipping, from environmental stewardship to infrastructure, from recreation and tourism to retail and residential developments, Cuyahoga River and Lake Erie stakeholders are catalysts for the region and essential parts of Cleveland's unique theater of the waterfront.

We have recently become a partner member of Lake Erie Waterkeeper. Stay tuned for additional news on that front!