Tag: climate change

Sep 23
It’s the Climate, Stupid

During the 1992 presidential election, Bill Clinton’s campaign (notably, James Carville) coined the phrase, ‘It’s the economy, stupid’ to emphasize their candidate’s purported ability to correct and change the course of an otherwise poor economy. It worked. Clinton won the election. In the process, the mantra was repeated so often it became a part of […]

Apr 19
A Time to Rethink Our Place in Nature

In some ways COVID-19 has given us a very important gift. It has given us time – time with family, time with our thoughts, and time to look at things much bigger than ourselves. Today was supposed to be our spring litter clean up event. We planned it for this weekend because we thought it […]

Jan 24
Photos are a Powerful Tool to Combat Climate Change

Photos tell a tale. Photos don’t lie. Photos show you what you’re missing, and where you’ve been. Photos shed light in places where darkness rules. As the results of climate change persist, the world relies heavily on photography to help study the effects, and bring the results to light. More importantly, it connects us as […]

Dec 20
Welcome to Go Green Go! We Turn Awareness Into Action.

This project was born out of a great concern I have for the path we find ourselves on today. That path is apathy towards climate change and other environmental issues. It has become abundantly clear to me over the last twelve months that our government is going to ignore the many environmental issues we face, […]