Photos are a Powerful Tool to Combat Climate Change

Photos tell a tale. Photos don’t lie. Photos show you what you’re missing, and where you’ve been. Photos shed light in places where darkness rules.

As the results of climate change persist, the world relies heavily on photography to help study the effects, and bring the results to light. More importantly, it connects us as individuals to suffering areas we may know nothing about, as well as teaching us about pristine areas worth protecting.

When I built this website, I wanted it to be more than just a directory. My intention is to feature many great photos and visuals to help put the climate crisis in perspective and pull people in. So far the photos you see are either my own, are provided by the organizations, or are found in free online directories. As we move along on this journey, we hope to bring in photographers from around the country to submit their work.

I’d like to introduce you to photographer Mike Bresnahan. Mike grew up in Northeast Ohio, and is an Ohio boy through and through. He now resides in Florida and when he is not rooting for Cleveland sports, he’s outdoors kayaking, hiking and taking incredible nature photos.

I’ve known Mike for over 20 years. We met at Kent State as undergrads, and have maintained our friendship ever since. As a graphic designer myself, I like to think I have developed an eye for good photography. There is something very special about Mike’s nature photos that I connect with. Maybe it’s the composition. Maybe it’s his expert use of light. Maybe it’s just the subject matter. Either way, I think Mike’s work is beautiful and I want to share it with you.

I’ve asked Mike to be the first contributing photographer to, and he has graciously accepted! We will be using some of his photos in our listings moving forward. Keep your eyes open for his work. Here are a few samples:

Please check out more of Mike’s work online:

Written by: Eric Hancsak

Founder of

Eric owns a graphic design company in historic Hudson, OH, where he lives with his wife and son. He is a Climate Reality Leader trained by Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project, and was appointed by Hudson City Council to a seat on the Hudson Environmental Awareness Committee.