Welcome to Go Green Go! We Turn Awareness Into Action.

This project was born out of a great concern I have for the path we find ourselves on today. That path is apathy towards climate change and other environmental issues. It has become abundantly clear to me over the last twelve months that our government is going to ignore the many environmental issues we face, and move climate change down the list of priorities, or as we’ve seen, off the list entirely. Even going as far as to call it a “hoax,” and “unproven,” and roll back many important protections, in favor of cronies and fossil fuel interests. All this while countries around the world, including our closest allies and business partners, are unanimous in their efforts to address it.

The fact is, climate change is real, the science is conclusive – the debate has been over for decades – and we are now seeing the results almost daily with persistent, severe weather patterns, mega-storms, sea level rise, species migration, refugee crises, and other signs, all of which have been accurately predicted by scientists. Earth isn’t whispering. She is screaming at us to act.

In my mind, we’ve reached a tipping point where a solution to the climate crisis requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. The issue is now too large to be solved by any one person, invention, business, industry, or government. Solving this is going to take the sustained efforts of many, many people from all walks of life standing up and not just demanding action, but taking action themselves.

“YOU are going to solve this crisis by acting.
And this website is a conduit to get you going, today!”

So I started GoGreenGo.org to help concerned folks like you get connected to grassroots environmental groups in your area. YOU are going to solve this crisis by acting. And this website is a conduit to get you going, today! We are starting with groups in Ohio, but will be expanding to other states in short order. I ask that you stop back regularly, as we add new groups every day with the plan to create a comprehensive database of organizations. In addition, we’ll be featuring regular guest blog posts from experts, scientists, activists and other concerned folks.

My reasons for starting this are simple. I care deeply about the environment, clean air, clean water, open spaces, bio-diversity, and leaving the Earth better than we found it for future generations. As a member of the Hudson Ohio Environmental Awareness Committee, and as a Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project, my passion for the environment runs deep. I am working, in my own small way, to combat this crisis, and it is my sincere hope that you will too, by using GoGreenGo.org to find a group, get connected, and act. Our Earth depends on it.


My sincerest thanks for visiting, and for taking the first step towards a solution!

Eric Hancsak